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Accessible design

'Designing for people with permanent disabilities actually results in designs that benefit people universally. Inclusive design puts people in the centre from the very start of the process.'  Microsoft Design

​What is accessible design?

When a document is well designed from the start, using inclusive design principles, it should be a pleasure to read and easy to navigate through. We have many years' experience in designing documents like this for the public domain. Our audiences are often diverse and the aim of our design practice has always been to promote inclusivity – we want documents to be accessible to as many users as possible. 


Accessible design should work for all people – not just those with low vision and colour blindness, but also for older users, people who have language difficulties such as dyslexia, and people whose first language is not English.


Working with complex information

Beyond just making your content comply with accessibility standards, we can work with content creators to find better ways of conveying your message. Complex tables, graphs and flowcharts can often be displayed in a simpler manner, which means that more people will have access to the information.

We can provide:

  • well designed, clear and attractive documents

  • accessible documents designed to meet and exceed WCAG 2.0 AA standards

  • collaboration with content writers and editors to ensure your message is clear for all users, including readers who need 'plain' English and 'easy' English

  • the option to have documents supplied as templates for future use.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your documents more accessible.

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