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Easy English documents

Easy English is for anyone who has difficulty reading English. This includes people with a low level of literacy, a learning disability or an acquired disability, and people whose main language is not English.


Easy English is a way of writing that uses everyday words, simple sentences and images to support the messages. It is different to plain English and plain language.

Easy English focuses on the key points – not all the detail. Words are supported with images to get the message to the reader. Information is given in sequence, and is written so the reader is clear about the content and what they need to do.


Reading an easy English document can be something someone does with a friend, family member or support person. By talking together, the meaning of the document can be checked and understood, and more detail given if needed. Once the document has been explained, it can be used later as a reminder.

Providing easy English documents is a way you can get your important messages to as many people as possible. It's an inclusive way of communicating.


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with easy English documents.

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