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Our services

Accessibility matters is a boutique team that can provide a full suite of accessible documents, from conceptual ideas and planning through to design and remediation.

All documents we work on are proofed using screen readers and other accessibility software to ensure a full user experience in all our work.

We also provide consulting and educational services to help you make your documents and templates as accessible as possible.

Accessible MS Word documents

What’s different about an accessible Word document?

For a blind person or reader with a vision impairment to be able to read a Word document, it is necessary to:

  • apply Word ‘styles’ to all elements of the document

  • write ‘alternative text’ for images and figures

  • manipulate fonts, colours, images and layout to maximise readability.


We try to maintain the look of the original document.


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Contact us to find out how we can make your Word documents accessible.​

Accessible design

We design documents from scratch (with Indesign and Word) using inclusive design principles, to provide you with:

  • attractive, accessible documents that meet and exceed WCAG 2.0 AA standards

  • the option to have documents supplied as templates for future use.


You will collaborate with content writers and editors to ensure your message is clear for all users.


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Contact us to find out how we can help you design your documents for better accessibility.​

Accessible PDF documents

What’s different about an accessible PDF document?

A correctly tagged PDF document enables a screen reader or other assistive technologies to:

  • navigate through a complex, designed document

  • 'read' it to the user in the order it was intended

  • apply correct emphasis to different heading levels and paragraph types

  • give explanations of photos, graphs and tables. 


The process doesn’t alter the look of the document for a sighted person.

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Contact us to find out how we can make your PDF documents accessible.​

Audit reports

We offer an audit service to help you check how well you are doing in making your documents available to people with vision impairments. We can examine your Word and PDF documents and provide you with a professional report on:

  • what you are doing well

  • what can be improved

  • which elements are missing.


We can then give you a quote for transforming your documents and allowing people with vision impairments to access your information.

Contact us to find out about having us audit your online documents.​

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